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We provide one-to-one ONE DAY training for recent graduates who want to be wildlife researchers - the first stepping stone to getting into the business. 


So how do you get in the door?


It's all down to gaining the Knowledge!  We will arm you with the secrets to making an impression that will improve your chances of success.


The problem: 

The first way to impress anyone is with a CV. So many young people do not write their CVs and letters in the correct way that will get them noticed. This is vital if you want to get a positive response. 


The second obstacle is getting to meet the right people for an interview.  Again so many graduates come unprepared for the interview, whether it is formal or informal, you must be prepared for the questions they will ask you. So how do you prepare yourself and how do you make an impact?


Third issue is when you get the chance to do work experience, how do ensure you will leave an impression?   Again so many "wannabes" are unprepared to know what is expected of them and how they can increase their chances of follow through employment.  It is down to preparation, preparation, preparation. But exactly how do you prepare yourself?


The one-day course is tailored to suit your needs and it includes:


  • Preparing your CV. What you should write to impress.

  • Preparing for an interview - we provide the right knowledge you require for meeting producers for work. We will give you the questions and the answers they want to hear.

  • Preparing you for your work experience - so giving your employer a lasting impression.


PRICE:   £300


The course is run by Dr Bernard Walton who has had 30 years in the business both in the BBC and running his own business.  He has interviewed hundreds of people inside and outside the BBC and help set up twork experience at the BBC and Aqua Vita Films as well as interviewed preliminaries for the Graduate Training Scheme in the BBC. Most of the graduates who have worked with me go on to get further work with all the major broadcasters including the BBC.



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